Saturday, November 28, 2009


I decided to lie down with JT today on the couch. Since The Hubs usually gets kicked out of our bed by Audrey at 4am, there's a regular pillow and comforter there...

They were on the floor (where JT put them this morning after his 'just got up' cartoon watching).

JT got up, grabbed the pillow off the floor, pulled my head up and put the pillow underneath it. Then he got the comforter and shoved it all on top of me (he needed help to straighten it).

So cute!

He also has a new game he loves on the iPhone... His favorites include the ShapeBuilder app, the Smack It app, the Skee-Ball app, the DoodleBuddy app and the Blowfish Poppers app. He has completely figured out my iPhone, and when I hand it to him he turns it on, slides the bar, gets to his games, exits them and starts whichever other one he wants... And he figured out other things... like how to rearrange all my apps (NOT fun to try to figure out where your 'phone' app is to call someone, LOL) and even delete some of them!

I can tell he's getting a little tired of being at home... he'll be happy to go back to school this week.

He has been talking a ton still... mostly repeating and labeling, but yesterday while on the couch playing a game, he started to slip off... while reaching for Audrey he said, "OH NO Sissy!" Funny!

:) All is well.

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