Monday, September 26, 2011

Love this...

‎"I don't want pity. To pity me is to make me a victim. I want understanding. To understand me is to love me as an equal. I don't want tolerance. If I am tolerated, I am disliked in some way. I want respect as a fellow striving child of God - an equal in his eyes. I don't want acceptance. To accept me is to graciously grant me the favor of your company. To accept me is to marginalize me with the assumption that I am less than you. I am your peer. I am neither above you nor below you."
- Mitch Mayne

Friday, September 23, 2011


I haven't updated in a while...

Because I got A JOB!

I'm a barista at Starbucks. BEST JOB EVER! I am so excited to go to work, that my days off make me a little sad. The people are great, my boss is great, the work is (complicated but) fun. It's awesome!

The kiddos are in YMCA-run afterschool. They have one at each of their elementary's, so Audrey is at her school and JT at his.

They both LOVE it. The first day Audrey got mad at me for coming too early (I didn't get to pick a second activity, mom!) and day 2 JT kept trying to take me BACK to the cafeteria to play more. They both say it's fun. I walk in to get JT most days, and while he's not playing with the other kids, he's around them and watching closely. He has a ton of fun, and he's SO happy (before and after he sees me!).

Both kids LOVE their teachers, they are both doing fabulous, and academically are (still) ahead of grade-level, which makes this momma really proud. They are some smart little ones (and use it to their advantage!).

The Hubs is still enjoying his job, his store is still doing well...

JT has yet to have a behavioral problem at school. He has had no meltdowns AT ALL since starting the risperdal back in June. He now reminds us (GIMME MY MEDSINS) if we forget his dose at night. The stuff tastes nasty, so you know it must help him feel better.

We're doing fabulous, pretty much! Loving life!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

All's well..

Getting awesome reports every day from school still, apparently JT is very well behaved (YAY JT!). He's smart, he's getting more independent (they're successfully getting him to open his own lunch and the bags inside :) ).

We have new neighbors, JT LOVES them. It is so cute to see him really interested in the other kids.

He's talking so much at home, and is so funny!

He seems to enjoy school, he is happy, and he is still making huge progress. Couldn't ask for more!