Saturday, November 14, 2009

Doctor Visit...

Yesterday was H1N1 vax day... My kids get the mist, not the shot. I wouldn't want the shot, so I go with the mist (if they weren't eligible, I'd have to do the shot... so thank God they don't have any major health problems).

JT was great in the waiting room. He played, only got upset when his friend from school came in and was screaming. It really upset him. We found a lift the flap book, though, and he quickly forgot about the yelling (hooray).

The nurse called us back, and explained JT would have to sniff it. I had to explain JT doesn't really follow those kinds of directions... The sweet nurse said we would figure something out, and got it ready.

I sat on the table, and held JT in my lap. Since JT was mad and yelling (no tears, just mad), he waited until JT exhaled and quickly shot it up there. I covered JT's mouth, forcing him to breathe in through his nose. It worked!!! We did the other side, and we were done.

Instead of being all worked up and throwing a huge tantrum, as soon as I put JT down, he was happy again (I was NOT expecting that!). He happily walked to the car, and was great while we waited for Audrey to get home.

We had to go back to get Audrey's mist, and there was a huge wait. We were there for over an hour. I thought for sure JT would be upset we were back.

He threw one 20 second fit. That's it. He played around the other kids (not with, but watched them).

AND - he was playing with this umbrella, spinning it. A 7 year old girl took his hand off, and told him she'd spin it so he could watch (she was being really sweet). Of course, this made JT mad. He squeaked, then looked her right in the eye and said, "MINE". Clear as anything. The 20 second fit followed. He got over it and played between/under the chairs.

I am super proud of him.

And, for the first time ever, he's not screaming at stoplights. This has been a problem his whole life. He's not not trying to get out of his seat, he just plays. It's awesome!

(maybe I should go knock on wood now...)

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