Thursday, April 29, 2010

Potty Training!

Oh boy... we're starting to potty train. Eek!

JT has been (inconsistently) peeing on the potty at school, and refusing to wear a pull-up at home... then last night he peed on the potty at home.

I think it's time, his teacher thinks he can do it, too...

Dare I dream that we won't have to buy diapers/pull-ups sometime in the near future? I've been buying them since June of 2004... the month before Audrey was born (she potty trained at 17 months, the week after JT came home).

Fingers crossed, prayers said and potty training fairies have been summoned :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

So much talking!

JT is talking like crazy! Here are a few examples from just this weekend:

Sitting with his cat: "Hereyougo Beezy. You want this?"

Wanting attention: "Oh mommy... I sad."... 20 seconds later, after a hug, "I happy!!!"

After his bath, runs and gets a shirt and a diaper, brings them to me, "Hereyougo, mommy. Shirt. Diapie."

Opens the door for Beezy: "Come on, Beezy. Lets go outside."
Then when he comes in: "Beezy, come inside now."

Other notable achievements :)
We went into the grocery store for a few things (quick trip). JT hasn't been to the grocery store in months. He hated it. He walked in holding my hand (his choice, he grabbed it), held it the whole time we were in the store and all the way back to the car. He walked nicely the *entire* time.

See above, but he's been getting his own shirts and diapers when he needs them and bringing them to me. He also thinks it's hilarious to take his own diaper off and run up to me and say, "MOMMY! NAKIE!"

He follows instructions consistently. IE: JT, go upstairs. JT, go get ____. JT, let's go ______. Amazing.

Yesterday at McDonald's he played WITH other kids. I swear, I thought he was going to freak out when this kid just a tiny bit younger than him (I would guess approaching 4yo) was following him around. But he giggled and let him chase him. Then he started the trend of sending his toy with meal matchbox car down the twirly slide to fly out at the bottom - all the boys started doing it. Then he shared his car with some other kids for a few minutes - no fits, he wasn't upset at all.

Wonderful things are happening :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cinderblocks Gone Wild

A jerk cut The Hubs off on the way to Durham today (he was going to meet Audrey's class at the museum... awww). Anyway, he hit his brakes hard (dude was on the shoulder and just cut out!), and the truck behind him was transporting cinderblocks.

Long story short, the shrink wrap busted because the trucker had to hit his brakes so hard, and the blocks bounced and smashed his cab and front windshield and demolished the back of our car.

Here are the pics:

So The Hubs's getting quotes to get it fixed tomorrow. Fun :/

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bug-A-Boo Day Play

JT's really into this HUGE book right now. It's about Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids. They're putting on a play, and Shimmer's the one leading the troops. One by one, all of the other bug kids leave until Shimmer's all alone.

On the page, Shimmer is obviously very sad about not being able to do the play, since no one is helping her.

When we got to that page, JT pointed to Shimmer and said, "Oh no, she sad!"


Sunday, April 4, 2010

One Hippo, All Alone

...calls 2 hippos on the phone...

So goes JT's favorite book. He's been 'reading' it daily over Spring Break (and we occasionally get the honor of reading it to him as well). He even plays out a phone conversation on the first page when the hippo is calling his hippo friends :)

Happy Easter!