Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Since Audrey doesn't want to do cheer, she decided on gymnastics and possibly swim (she can swim, but needs lessons... she wants to be on a 'team'). We're looking around for good places. She loved gymnastics when we were living in Little Rock, so no surprise there!

Finding JT sports turned out to be harder than I thought. I looked around, and couldn't find anything specifically for special needs kids. JT is SO athletically inclined that I know he'd love sports. I asked for help on the Autism Society of Wake County, and got some really great suggestions. There is a buddy program in Raleigh that offers basketball, softball and soccer (at different times in the year). It's for kids with any disability. A parent stays with the special needs kid during games, etc (to assist... they don't do it for them, but help a lot)... hence the name "buddy sports". There is also a hockey program here for special needs kids that I'm waiting to hear back on... Hopefully we can get him into that, it sounds awesome! And it's free. The buddy program is only $15, and they even get a little trophy at the end (how freaking cute is that).

Yesterday I found out that JT's Occupational therapy services are going to decrease (we have our official IEP meeting next Monday to put in writing his services- we've been on our temporary IEP from Tennessee until now). At first I was upset, he has so many sensory issues. The teacher pointed out he is in an autistic classroom, and all the kids have sensory needs, so they take a lot of sensory breaks and do a lot of activities geared towards that... plus the therapist is in there all the time.

She told me that JT's OT assessment had changed a lot since last year. A little background: A year ago, JT's OT from early intervention evaluated his fine motor and visual spatial skills at a 12-15 month old level. He was 36 months old. That's a big delay. His current evaluation (are you ready?!?!) shows he's age appropriate. He went from a 12 month old level to a 48 month old level in 12 months. AMAZING. She also confirmed that JT is making huge strides, and that they're not seeing the regressions or stalling that usually happens when autistic kids make progress. Another blow-you-away feat... JT is initiating social contact with his peers :) I am just astounded.

He is all about taking pictures right now... So to close, here's a picture of my little guy saying "CHEEEEE"!!!


  1. Oh Kate, that's wonderful news about JT's progress! And wow, isn't he just a little mini-The Hubs? I sure see his daddy in that picture!

  2. oh my goodness, JT has gotten so big! So glad to hear he is making such phenomenal progress! Way to go JT!

  3. We are continuing on the progress he started at the beginning of this year... You were a BIG part of that, Maggie!!!
    He got another wonderful teacher and class, and has just continued his happy learning :)
    He is a little The Hubs!!