Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Thanks

Because tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I thought I'd share my list of things I am thankful for.

My kids. Up until I got pregnant with Audrey I had docs telling me I might not be able to have kids, my body wasn't meant to carry children, etc. Not only did I have one miracle baby, but two! My poor uterus has given up, so it has to go. But I am thankful for it sticking around and proving everyone wrong - twice!

My husband. He is awesome. Sometimes he drives me batty, but I know the feeling is mutual. He is seriously the nicest, funniest, sweetest, cutest, best daddy ever.

My family. All of em. Yep. Lotsa people. They are all so very important to me.

The Hubs's family. Lots of them, too! I love his family, they remind me of my own (haha)!

Friends. Old friends, new friends, best friends, friends that help with JT, friends that I talk to daily, friends that I only talk to once a month... I love them all.

Jobs. The Hubs and I both have work. In our economy, I know that we are really lucky.

Sometimes it's so easy to forget everything you have going for you. I definitely know - lately I've been so stressed about this surgery... But really, that's a minor detail in an otherwise blessed life. The surgery will be over and I'll be recovered quickly, and that will be another thing I can add to my list next year.

I hope that everyone has plenty to be thankful for this year.

Love, KD

Mommy and Me

We made yummy cupcakes Sunday. We bought some special icing thing and used it to make the icing on the cupcakes pretty. Then I put pink sprinkles on the white icing ones.

I love them, they are delicious.

My daddy gets to stay with us and not go to work tomorrow. I am excited. Papa bought us some special foods for tomorrow, and I'm even going to taste it. Mommy says ham is like our pork chops without crumbs, so I think it will be tasty.

I miss all my family.

Audrey Michelle Duzan


JT has learned no, which sounds like 'doh'... And he says 'hey' all the time.

Instead of screaming at stoplights hysterically at the top of his lungs, he says "DOH! HEY! HEY! HEY!" Until we go. It is really cute and doesn't hurt my ears, so I am SO happy. And proud. What a good little man!

It's actually communication - he is using words to tell us he doesn't want something. Absolutely wonderful.


He turns 3 next Tuesday (12/2). He is between 45 and 50 pounds... He likes to call himself a baby (my fault, I call him my baby all the time... So now when he gets upset he says "doh beebee" and wants me to 'fix' him :) ) He is one BIG baby! Although, it reminds me of those 3 days he was in the hospital after birth in the special care nursery... Those other babies were all 2-3lbs, and there was my 8 lb 3 oz man... Guess he's always been a big boy :-)

He's been walking with me without having to hold my hand (he stays right with me). He stays on the sidewalks, never gets more than 5-10 ft away. I even let him down in Dillard's yesterday, and he didn't run off. Seriously a HUGE milestone for him. Or any 2 year old really... They love to dart and weave in those clothing racks! But, I didn't have to chase him once.

He also helped me cook dinner the other day... I was making roast, and putting bouillon cubes in the crock pot. He stood on a stool and helped me add all of them and some spices. So cute!

I've been impressed with him around other kids, too. He doesn't really know how to play with them, but he follows them and kind of watches and laughs when they do silly things. It's really cute. It's great he's actually interested now!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pre-Op DONE!

I forgot to post after Thursday's insanity...

I am pre-admitted to the hospital for my surgery. They used my EKG from last time (heck, it WAS only 3 weeks ago!), and just had to do a blood draw. I got 'counsel' concerning the chain of events from check-in to post-op.

I am really getting nervous now... The Hubs's mom is coming in town, but she's not getting here until well after I go into surgery. I have to be at the hospital 12/4 at 7am, but her plane doesn't land until 10:45am (my surgery is scheduled to begin at 9:30am, so I probably won't even be out when she lands...). I am dealing with nerves and trying to figure out what's going to happen that morning. The Hubs has worked out a deal for someone to pick his mom up, but we don't know anyone crazy enough to be up and coherent enough to watch our children at 6am so we can head to the hospital... It's looking like he will be dropping me off alone. While that's scary, I just can't imagine my kids having to go through watching me in pre-op and being at the hospital through all of that... It's not reasonable. So, I'm terrified and will be alone. I keep telling myself 'That which does not kill me, only makes me stronger...' - as my life is a testament to that! - but being alone and going under with no one to get updates or even be at the hospital... It's kind of depressing and scary.

Anyway, that's what we get for moving away from our family and friends. How I miss having help, even if we didn't get it often. It was there when we needed it. :(

I hope everyone is doing well, and hopefully time will pass quickly. These are just pre-op nerves, and the surgery needs to get here and get over with so I can get on with my life.

Broken Hearted

My grandmother's oncologist meeting exactly as she had expected. There are no treatment options to cure her cancer. The treatment they offered was a surgery to install a port, and chemo treatments for her entire life just to try to keep the cancer in check and only in her lungs.

Also as expected, she chose to forego treatment. While I am really sad, I know that my grandmother has been through so much, and decided a long time ago what she would do in a situation such as this. She is a very strong woman, and I respect her decision. Sadly, the doctor gave her 6 months because of the aggressiveness of this cancer.

Growing up, my grandmother had a huge influence on me and my brother. She and my grandfather (who passed away in 2004) were the epitome of a happy marriage and truly good people. Neither one of them ever passed judgement on anyone, even when they personally didn't agree with the situation. Their grandchildren have all benefitted from their open hearts and minds. She taught me what is really important in life (and is still teaching me). Her faith in both God and her fellow humans is truly admirable. I can only pray that I have the dignity, respect and love for others and myself that she has. She handles tough times with a smile and love, and can make your day better in an instant.

The Hubs's grandmother's cancer has spread dramatically, too. Her latest scan shows cancer in her brain again, in her kidney, and in the bones of her legs. While I don't have an update on the type or severity, I know three months ago it was only in her kidney. However, Nana is still making her trips to Atlantic City, and feels great. I hope this continues.

I understand death is a part of life, but it is not an easy part of life, especially when it's someone you care for and love so deeply.


Yesterday at the library, The Hubs was watching the kiddos while I was looking for a few books...

In the children's section of the library, there's a bunch of chairs and tables set up in a circle for parents and kids to sit and read or play. Well, it wasn't full, but there were quite a few people there...

JT ran to the center of the circle, pulled down his pants and diaper and flashed everyone...

The Hubs says I only think it's funny because I wasn't the one that was watching him. Probably, but it's freaking hilarious...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

1 Down, 1 To Go

My first pre-op appointment was yesterday, and we came out fine... Although every time she said something about cutting, Audrey would look at me, terrified, and say "Mom, is she joking? She's joking?" I had to lie...

Thursday is our busy day. First, JT goes to school from 9-11a. It is his last day at WAVES, and Miss Lisa is doing his (last) speech therapy while he's there. Katrina and some other Williamson County Schools staff are going to 'observe' JT in his classroom setting while he's there. Then, at 11:30am, we have JT's 6 month TEIS evaluation... Which is mainly for their purposes, since there's nothing they could change at this point... THEN - (!) - we'll pick daddy up from work about 1:45pm, and I have my pre-op testing at the hospital at 2:30pm. Hopefully it won't take too long, since it's bloodwork and EKG stuff (I don't *think* there's anything else... At least there wasn't before my last surgery 2.5 weeks ago!). Then Walmart (oh yes, seriously - Thursday is pay day and therefore WalMart day since we're out of everything). Then we'll come home and collapse from exhaustion!

JT helped me get the pot roast ready in the crockpot this morning :) I showed him how to add things, and he started throwing stuff in, too! Of course, Audrey helped, too, she's the best helper in the world!

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful week... Love the cooler weather!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lazy Days

Today our whole family slept... A lot! We all took a nap from 1-6pm. Yikes! Needless to say, we're all still awake...

I've been writing a lot more. To see some of my stuff, go to eHow or Livestrong, and search for 'Kate Duzan'. Also, I've got my own producer page on Associated Content - definitely check that out :-) - I get paid for page hits!

Anyway, this week is all pre-op appointments and tests for me, and pretty much JT's last week of therapy. Next week is Thanksgiving, and then the week after is his birthday. My baby will be 3!!! Wow, it's so hard to believe that he's already 3 years old...

Audrey and JT are doing beautifully. They play together all the time.

We love you all!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thank You, Nana Banana!

Nana Banana (aka The Hubs's mom) is flying here the day of my surgery, and flying back to Delaware a week later.

I am so thankful to have someone here to help, and she is SO much fun. We all love having her around, and it's so sweet of her to come help out.

So, thank you Nana Banana/Mom/Denise!!!


JT has been GIVING US HUGS!!!

Big, around the neck hugs. Little leg hugs.

I love hugs. The Hubs loves hugs. Audrey REALLY loves hugs - and REALLY REALLY loves hugs from her 'brudder' (who she also refers to as her 'bestest friend in the whole world').


He's singing his alphabet right now ;)


JT has been GIVING US HUGS!!! Big, around the neck hugs. Little leg hugs.

I love hugs. The Hubs loves hugs. Audrey REALLY loves hugs - and REALLY REALLY loves hugs from her 'brudder' (who she also refers to as her 'bestest friend in the whole world').


He's singing his alphabet right now ;)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Outside Play

Well, JT has been doing great (yay), Audrey is of course wonderful, and we are all just having fun these days.

Mom is all set for surgery 12/4 (hysterectomy). She has bunches of appointments to prep this time, which is just kind of time consuming.

JT is turning 3 12/2, so that means he is transferring to the school district (graduating from early intervention). This means lots of evals and meetings, but we're hoping the transition goes well and he ends up getting services that fit him.

We got outside last week, and mom took some cute pics of the kiddos. Enjoy!

Changes Are Coming!

Well, JT's third birthday is fast approaching, and with it comes his transfer to the school district (and out of early intervention).

We are busy testing and meeting for the next few weeks to get everything set up so that his transfer will be a success.

JT has been doing beautifully in therapy this week! Today for Miss Laura, he decided to show off his knowledge of letters (which, he knows almost all of them now! And - if I sing the song and stop, he will sometimes chime in with the correct letter!!) and by actually telling her what was on those index cards she brings over. She got 'baby', 'ki-ca' (kitty cat), 'car', 'truck', 'shhh' (shoe), and 'dah' (dog). Yay JT! He has also been playing really well with his 'See-see' (sissy) and giving her REAL HUGS! Oh, how wonderful it is... Audrey LOVES it, and her reaction makes him want to do it more (yay! yay!). It really is precious.

Really, JT is doing wonderful. He is happy, loving, and is proving everyday how smart he really is :)

Just goes to show... With JT, it's there. It's just ON HIS TERMS.

Monday, November 10, 2008


I love my mommy and my daddy. And my baby brother JT.

My mommy has been sick, and I have been such a good girl and helping her. I love her.

We went on a hike last weekend. It was so fun. It was the best family adventure we ever had. I got to see a river and we walked really, really far. My legs hurted when I was done.

I love you. My mommy's going to put me to sleep now!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

What Happens When You're Drugged

After a long night of being in the ER, I was sent home. They had given me morphine and some kind of IV anti-nausea meds.

In the middle of the night, The Hubs got up to take care of JT. When he came back, Audrey and I had taken over the whole bed. Since my mom and grandmother were here, there was nowhere else to sleep, that's why the 3 of us had piled into our bed in the first place.

He tried to push me over gently, but I wouldn't move. Finally, he tapped my shoulder. This is what happens when you have drugs in your system.

The Hubs: "Hey, scoot over so I can get in."
Me: "Go sleep in the bathtub."
The Hubs: "No! What?"
Me: tons of mumbling
The Hubs: "I can't understand you, you're not speaking English."
Me: "Whenever I speak english, I tell you to sleep in the bathtub!"

At this point, I think The Hubs just pushed me over. I don't remember any of it.

Back on Track

Mom's been feeling under the weather for the past few weeks. But, now that the appendix is gone (along with 2 abdominal adhesions), things are looking up!

Thanks to nanny and great big nanny for coming to stay with us while mom was down and out.

The surgery was quick and relatively pain free. I had it Wednesday, and it's Sunday and there's zero pain. All in all a giant success :-)

If they could have taken it sooner, that would have been great. It was chronic appendicitis, which turns into acute but takes its time. Finally, after 11 doctor visits and 2 trips to the ER (and a lot of crying on mom's part, which is not normal), the surgeon decided it had to go. Not a minute too soon!

JT has been making huge progress! He knows 17 letters of the alphabet, and he was singing the song yesterday! He also counts to 4. He's using tons of words. I guess this is our 'explosion'. I show him a letter, and say 'what letter is this?' and he responds correctly! He has said 'more juice', 'yeah', 'uh-uh' (as in no), 'sissy', and many, many more! Yay JTmer!

We celebrated Halloween by heading over to Erin and Danny's house. Their little girl is just a little older than Audrey, and Audrey loves Ainsley. So, Audrey (the princess on the pony) had fun. Surprisingly, JT LOVED his costume. He was a monkey. I made sure to get a hoodie costume since last year the seperate hat did not go over well.

Just trying to get everything back on track now... JT's therapy schedule has been well, nonexistent (but he's making progress, so yay), so now we're going to have to start that up again.

The Hubs's still loving his job and his coworkers. I've been getting more projects and was surprised to find I'm 'google famous' (okay, so maybe I made that term up, but really!). I can google my name and my work stuff comes up - and takes up more than one google page of results ;-)

Well, we're off to hike or something... Time change is messing me up - I'm already hungry for lunch.