Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Foods

Thanksgiving isn't exactly a kid's dream... At least our kids. Especially JT... He likes what he likes (and JT knows exactly what he likes!).

Thanksgiving Menu
Turkey? No.
Stuffing? No.
Mashed Potatoes? No.
Rolls? Yes!
Pie? No
Cool Whip? YESYESYES!!!

We were SO excited that he tried a NEW food!!! He grabbed my spoon as I was carrying my pumpkin pie to the living room, and I really thought he was going to try the pie. Instead, he took the spoon and scooped every bit of Cool Whip off the top.

He licked it with the very tip of his tongue... and scrunched up his face in preparation for yuckiness. All of a sudden his eyes got REALLY big, and he turned around as if to say 'no way you're getting this back'.

He got his Thanksgiving dessert... we gave him the tub of Cool Whip and let him go at it!!!

What's Thanksgiving if it's not eating yummy stuff you REALLY like?!

We were also surprised that he didn't flip out when The Hubs used the blender. A few months ago, the blender caused severe panic and screaming. He didn't even notice it. We have been working on the noises - there's a lot of gardening/maintenance people in our neighborhood, and they're always using leaf blowers. I started humming - it sounded *just* like them. At first, JT thought I was crazy, but now he waits for me to do it and cracks up. He was making me carry him past them, and now he walks - but still watches them carefully ;)

Oh - and he was WONDERFUL all day :) He is definitely mommy's little man...

5 days and counting til he turns 4... Wow.

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