Friday, November 6, 2009

New ComputerS

Our old pc finally bit the dust. It was a great pc - we bought it about a month before we got married - so April/May 2002. It lasted almost 7.5 years!

However, its motherboard is fried. The monitor goes out constantly, and you never know when you can get it back on. Even though the drives are shared, the other pc's on the network can't see it - the pc locks itself up when it's accessed.

Anyway, all I needed off of it was pictures and music. Nothing else on there is a big deal - those are the only two things I use.

Over the past 36 hours, I have managed to get all the pictures off, and I'm working on the music (it is syncing it to my iPhone, so it's almost done).


I had bought a refurbished laptop to use since our pc was dying and I couldn't work at all... and my dad also bought a new laptop for me. I'm using the new one, the refurb is for the kids and The Hubs...

Audrey LOVES playing on the computer. is her deal - she can get around that site like a pro. JT enjoys some of the easier games on - he can't figure out the mouse yet, so he likes games that are keyboard-friendly.

We're all having fun with them for sure!

Hooray for new computers!!!

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