Thursday, July 26, 2012

Life besides autism.

The Hubs and the kids creeking for gems at Emerald Hollow Mine today.

I hardly ever post about how everything is going in general around here, so here's our latest update.

  • Audrey is worried about TD still, she's really getting nervous about starting school. She's made some friends this summer... although she's been pretty bummed she hasn't been able to play with them in the pool because of her cast. Luckily she's getting the cast removed a week from today! She's reading books constantly, from Dork Diaries to Diary of a Wimpy Kid to the Hollisters. She's had her first HUGE crush this summer (which The Hubs was not happy about ;) ) and then decided he wasn't worth it within a day (which The Hubs was REALLY happy about). She's such a sweet girl, and growing up way too fast. 
  • The Hubs's store is doing really well... sort of the norm :) He has such awesome people that work at his store, that makes his job easier I know. He took this week off work, it's nice having family time hanging out around here. 
  • JT's not sure whether he likes these 2 weeks' off camp or not. He LOVES sleeping in (he is definitely my child) but misses Susan and Jessica (his teachers). He's freaking hilarious, he keeps our entire family rolling. He is a real comedian, his personality is awesome. 
  • I'm loving my job... hilarious preschoolers, awesome coworkers... what could be better?! Grad school starts in about 3 weeks, super nervous about that. Found an awesome workout buddy, we've been swimming/running/spinning starting to train for a triathlon next Spring and hopefully a 1/2 marathon sometime in the future. 

Basically... Life is good :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Back to food...

The recurring issue in our autism-land.

Today we had JT's med check-up, and he has lost 2 pounds in 2 months.


That means he's down 1 pound for the year.

Double sigh.

The doctor is concerned not only about the weight loss, but about the lack of 'selection' in JT's diet.

We're doing everything we can.

Here's how getting JT to eat a new food goes:

  • He hates it, and covers his mouth when we mention it or he sees it. 
  • He can hear the suggestion of the food without the mouth covering.
  • He can look at the food without freaking out. 
  • He can touch the food. (This takes forever to get to)
  • He can smell the food. (Again, takes forever from the previous step)
  • He licks the food. (This one takes even longer)

So far he can lick a porkchop and take one bite from a peanut butter sandwich. In a year.

He has willingly taken a few bites from a cheeseburger in that time period as well.

His only meats are chicken nuggets (hit or miss), bacon (fairly consistent) and hot dogs (sometimes). He eats no fruits or veggies (unless you count a very specific type of apple juice). He is very picky about what he DOES eat - it has to look the same as it always has in order for him to eat it. Breading on chicken nuggets is a good example of this. If it's 'different', he covers his mouth (see above list) and can't even look at it.

The major issue (besides, of course, the fact that our 5/6 year old is losing weight over the course of an entire year) is that he is starting the stimulants this fall to control his ADHD at school. The doctor is uncomfortable giving stimulants if he can't gain weight. Increasing the dosage has been suggested (because in the 8 days we used it, there wasn't a significant difference) but we can't do that if he's losing weight.

Triple sigh.

Onward we trudge... through food hell.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


I've posted before about JT getting promoted to 1st grade, and I've also posted about his reading issues.

He knows sight words really, really well. He memorizes like a champ. The issue lies in phonetics. He is completely unable to sound out words.

Before school got out, I bought How To Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. I told his teacher I was going to work with him.

As the title clearly states, there are 100 lessons. We are on 4.

I feel really guilty.

I have excuses.

JT isn't really interested.
He's not on his ADHD medicine, so it's difficult to get him to focus.
He's spent from camp, where he's interacting with only typical peers 4 straight hours and just burned out when we get home.
I'm burned out from a class full of preschoolers who are awesome, but preschoolers (haha).

He has been asking "how you spell _________" about a billion different things. Two days ago he came up after we had turned on a Blue's Clues on the Wii via Netflix and said, "It not working. We try again later. Please fix it." Sure enough, the screen said "we are unable to load the title you requested at this time. Please try again later." I asked him if he read it. He said yes. There's no other way he would have said what he said.

I just feel really bad that I'm not pushing him harder. I want him to read, but I also want him to have a 'fun' summer like every other kid.

He's playing with a group of boys at camp - something he has never done before. He is interacting appropriately with them, and doing a great job of playing with them. He went from hanging on the teachers constantly to hanging with the kids all the time. HUGE STUFF. He's talking more, using completely appropriate sentences, interacting constantly, and making friends.

But not reading.

I'm going to try a little harder to do a few more lessons.

But he's having fun and enjoying his summer. And I want that more than I want to fight him to do work.

Come this fall I may regret this when I'm trying to do my grad school work, help Audrey with her TD stuff and try to teach him to read.

But for now, it's summer vacation. I just want him to love it.

Monday, July 16, 2012


In going with the 'we're not even normal for autism' flow, summers are usually a time of significant progress in our house. 

Even though I didn't think we'd see it this summer, we're definitely following our trend. 

Here are a few things JT has started since the last day of school:

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The future.

Recently, one of my favorite friends posted on her blog about how awesome having kids early is. While I agree wholeheartedly with her that it has made our marriage better, it made me think of the ways it didn't work out so great.

Back when we first got married, The Hubs and I decided to have kids early. Our plan was to have kids young - so we were active and 'fun' parents, and then when they were all grown up we would still be young and be able to travel and have fun.

Then came autism.

There's no way for us to know what JT's future holds in terms of independence and such.

Which means that our 'someday' plans may never happen.

These are the things that really suck about autism.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Audrey is 8!

Time flies when you're having fun...

Today my sweet little girl turns 8.

This little girl.

This one. 

Such a sweet baby.

Still got those blue eyes!

Yep, her. 

I cannot believe she is 8 years old today.

Happy birthday Audrey girl!

Hopeful Parents today!

Yep, it's the 10th of the month... which means I'm over at Hopeful Parents again!

My post is about Summer Camp - go check it out!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Poor Audrey.

Got a trip to the ER for the 4th of July.

This adds to our family tradition.

4 years ago JT broke his arm on the 4th.

When I was a child I broke my collarbone on the 4th.

Maybe we should stay inside next year...