Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cookie Monster

JT helped bake chocolate chip cookies today!

Fun parts:
1. He cracked the egg (thought it was HILARIOUS)
2. He tried cookie dough

He has also been so funny today (he's out of school). He led me to the couch, said "cow", pushed me down to sit on it. He then ran to get a blanket and pillow, put the pillow on my lap, and pulled the blanket on top of us and laid down. I have to note he was very careful about covering me up as well as him :D

Tonight we read our books, and he LOVES the Dr. Seuss Dictionary. He grabbed it, and brought it to me saying "ABCD". It's funny he knows - it's got the letters on one page at the top, then tons of little cartoon boxes with words that start with that letter for the next several pages. He gets it's an alphabet book.

He was very clear in his 'cookie' today (haha).

He started to play the LeapFrog Click Start (it was Audrey's forever ago). I noticed when left alone with it, he was trying the mouse out - something I really want him to get.

Fun times!

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