Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Results from Ultrasound

My axillary lump is a solid mass. It is roughly 3 inches in diamter.

The doctors office is scheduling a biopsy with the general surgeon Monday. I get to go back to the same one that did my appendectomy, so that's great news. I really like him.

I will update as I know more...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Well, Crap

Today I spent all day with doctors. First, an appointment with my GP. I told her I had a lump in my armpit (medical term: axillary, lol). It's been there for over a month... I thought it was a bone or joint (yes, I realize that sounds stupid. But how often do people really look at their armpits?).

Panic ensues. Doctor wants ultrasound and bloodwork NOW.

My last follow up for my hysterectomy was today. She did a thorough breast exam. No issues. But says the lump is not normal. Not breast-related, but not normal.

Go give blood. Won't have those results back until later this week.

Go get ultrasound. The lump is roughly 2 inches in diameter, and the crazy thing is the blood flow in it. I figured it wouldn't have any (based on no medical information, just guessing), but the doppler showed that baby in rainbow colors.

They informed me the radiologist was already writing up his report and would likely call me and my doctor tomorrow.

My ANA and other autoimmune tests were not back yet from the Vandy Walk-In Clinic. I figured they would take longer, so I'm not really disappointed. Plus I'm slightly busy with the other stuff.

The gyn advised me to call my general surgeon, since it will likely have to be removed. My GP says next step is biopsy (depending on ultrasound). My arm is pissed off from the ball getting pushed into my armpit nerves.

I'm broken.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Tom & Jerry

Audrey's favorite cartoon right now is Tom & Jerry.

Yesterday she asked The Hubs why the good guy never wins. The Hubs, of course, reminded her that Jerry always gets away from Tom, and that he's always okay at the end.

"Yeah, daddy, but that's his job to catch the mouse... TOM is the GOOD guy."

December and Weedoh

Lately JT has been much more 'huggy' - and we've even had to lay with him while he goes to sleep (long gone are the days when he would want the door shut tight and pure darkness... And alone time!). He prefers the door open slightly now, no closing it or he opens it back up. It really is precious, and we definitely don't mind a little more quality time with the little guy.

Our biggest dilemma right now is behavioral (still, I guess). When he's angry with us, he takes it out on his sister. It breaks my heart because it makes her so sad - and he needs her... And loves her more than anything. You hurt the ones you love the most, that's for sure - definitely with JT.

He got a whole bunch of alphabet toys for Christmas, and is still fairly interested in letters. He got some Magneatos (like huge magnetix, so he can't eat them), and he LOVES those. They are great for his fine motor skills, with the magnets and having to attach and unattach them. He also figured them out completely, so we have Magneatos sticking to the trampoline frame (it's metal). It looks like he's decorating for a 70's lounge or something... Magneato fringed trampoline!

He is not taking naps like he used to, but occasionally he wants to sleep during the day. He is still sleeping great at night, at least 12 hours most times.

All in all, doing great! We have his IEP meeting with the school district coming up, and he will be starting school in mid-January... Mommy is getting nervous because of how awful our last experience with school was, but we're hoping for the best. The teacher is absolutely fantastic, so I know he's in good hands at least!

That's all for now...

Here's a pic of JT from this weekend:

December and Weedoh

Lately JT has been much more 'huggy' - and we've even had to lay with him while he goes to sleep (long gone are the days when he would want the door shut tight and pure darkness... And alone time!). He prefers the door open slightly now, no closing it or he opens it back up. It really is precious, and we definitely don't mind a little more


Yesterday was Grant's birthday party at McDonald's. Miss Amy was there, and so was his big brother, Connor. We got to dress up, too. I was Cinderella.

I met a new friend like me. She is beautiful like a princess. Her name is Emily.

I love Grant. He gave me a 'I love you' ring to wear. It is sparkly. We're going to be married one day.

His birthday party was a lot of fun!

Here's a new picture of me from Saturday:

I miss all my family.



Saturday, December 27, 2008

Santa Came!

Santa came, and he brought me just what I wanted - a baby doll! He also brought me a sparkly butterfly Barbie and playdoh stuff, candy, and glittery makeup.

I got SO many presents. My Papa and Ginny sent me all kinds of dress up clothes and jewels and a feather thing for my neck and tons of princess shoes! My great big Nanny sent me clothes, a Lite Brite and a cool baby swing. My Nanny sent me makeup, too, and a Bratz horse and some more jewels. Mom and dad bought me a new Hannah Montana coat and tons of little things.


I even like JT's toys. He got bunches of light up toys and magnet toys. They are so cool.

I miss all my family!

Here We Go Again...

If you think you get sick of hearing about my health problems, imagine how I feel dealing with them (hint: not fun!).
Today I had the opportunity to visit the Vanderbilt Walk-In Clinic (it was between that and the ER). Loved the doc. He was awesome.
I was feeling awful... My throat was so sore I was having a hard time swallowing, and I screwed up my back just pushing my mattress back (sciatic nerve pain = NO FUN) - which wouldn't have even happened if my freaking joints in my hands didn't hurt so bad! But, there I was, fever, pain and all, so off to the clinic I went.
I had no infection, just major inflammation. My white blood count was normal/high, but I had some sort of left shift that indicates overproduction of white cells. Nice. So, to rule out infection, they tested the urine, swabbed my throat, and inspected me thoroughly. Nada. So, it was inflammation.
I was the proud recipient of a steroid shot in the arse. And they drew blood to do autoimmune testing. I should have the results by Tuesday. ANA and something else... I've been dealing with alopecia (hair loss, receding hair line, nice) along with the horrid joint pain (feels like road rash all over certain joints). Whatever this is, it needs to stop now. I am *done*.
JT's almost done with his antibiotics, so his ear should be 'fixed' soon. Audrey's her normal ornery self. She's had some stomach issues, though it's not viral... It's from drinking too much apple juice.

We're hoping for a healthier year in 2009, that's for sure!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa is Smart

Audrey loved her gifts from Santa. Loved them. It was so precious. It's the first year she's really gotten into the Santa thing (although not as much as other kids, she was still excited).
After she got her baby doll out, she came into my room and said 'Mom, Santa must be *really* smart. He knew exactly which baby doll I wanted!'

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I'm sure I'll have more updates tomorrow (when all the excitement happens!), but I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Santa was already here and left the kiddos their presents... We're watching StepBrothers (hilarious, btw).

We had an unexpected trip to the doctor today... JT has an ear infection, so he's on antibiotics. Poor kiddo :(

****************MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!********************

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Just in case there's anyone I hadn't told, I had a hysterectomy 12/4. My recovery was going great, just some pain (which is expected after surgery!). I had trouble getting to sleep, but chalked it up to being at the hospital, having to pee constantly, and just being uncomfortable. At around 5 or 6am, I finally settled down to go to sleep. I was on a morphine pump and percocet every 4 hours. My wonderful doctor saw me around 6pm Thursday, and commented on how fabulous I was doing, and that I would most likely be discharged around breakfast the next morning. I was up walking, catheter was out, and pain was (finally) controlled.
I had a reaction to the morphine the morning after my surgery... The tech found me, I wasn't breathing, had no blood pressure, weak pulse. They apparently brought in the 'crash cart', since I had 'coded' (code blue?), and I woke up to 10 nurses in my room screaming at me to stay awake "for your babies". Later on they all told me they really didn't think I was going to wake up. One of the nurses was crying as I was coming to, she said she just kept thinking about my babies... They had pushed some kind of drug - Narc-on? into my system. It clears out narcotics/opiates (morphine). Apparently between that and them shoving me and doing everything they could to wake me, I finally started moving. The doc was rushing in as I was coming to.Terrifying experience. Then the rash from the allergic reaction hit really hard, and they wouldn't give me Benadryl even (sedates you, and they did not want me sedated ever again). I was horribly itchy, my face was red and swollen and I had rashes EVERYWHERE. Miserable, but thankful (obviously)!!!Overall, not as much pain from the hysterectomy as I would have expected. I was (and still am) recovering great, just a really scarymoment (mostly for the nurses, I didn't realize until later how close I was to being gone).
The nurse that found me later mentioned something to the effect of after that morning, she wasn't sure she was in the right field. I told her I definitely was glad she was a nurse that morning.... She wasn't due to check my vitals for another hour and 15 minutes, but came in anyway... Miracles do happen.
I have so much to be thankful for... Bless her (her name is Becky). I am trying to figure out what kind of gift to buy for someone who saves your life... Definitely a thank you card, and a pic of my babies thanking her for saving their mommy... I'm going to have to get her something meaningful...
Love to all, and count your blessings.

Monday, December 1, 2008


I can't believe that my little man turns 3 tomorrow.

JT is such a sweet little man, who livens our house and brings us all SO much happiness. I can't think of a more perfect little boy than he is.

He has been through a lot in his 3 years, from hospital stays (the penny eating incident) to a bazillion evaluations (due to his autism). He handles it better than I would, and almost always has a smile on his face.

I remember at 21 weeks, terrified and in pre-term labor, thinking I could not lose that baby. That baby has been such a blessing, and has taught me so much about life, love and happiness (and what each REALLY constitutes).

The past year he has really come out of his shell - he is SUCH a clown, and SO sweet and loving.

Happy birthday little Weedoh. Your family adores you, and we are so proud of you.


My surgery check in is in a little over 2 days... The time seems to be passing SO slowly! I am ready to get it done and over with and deal with it...

We are cleaning and prepping our house for my post-op recovery. If I could focus on it for more than ten minutes, we'd be doing a lot better...

My work is picking up (yay me!), I've been getting new and higher-paying articles on Associated Content, and DemandStudios is as reliable (and wonderful) as ever. No complaints :-)

JT turns 3 tomorrow!!! I can't believe that 3 years ago I went into labor with that (big) boy. December 1 would have been his birthday had I not had to 'hold it' so the lady next door could deliver (of course, they were also trying to stabilize me and JT, which never did work, lol). Craziness. To think, it's only been 3 years since that little man made his grand entrance... I couldn't imagine (and can't remember!) our lives without him!

So, happy birthday little man! We are so thankful for you. The perfect little man :-)

Love to all!