Sunday, November 15, 2009


JT is returning to his old injury-prone days :(

for his not fun early days... There's one ER visit missing from there from when he cut his foot on a broken picture frame - he broke it then stepped on it... no stitches only because it was 24 hours later - we were concerned it kept busting open - but got a tetanus shot)).

He busted his chin open Thursday night when he fell on the hardwood steps leading to our front door. It was a pretty big booboo, but it stopped bleeding so we avoided the ER.

Yesterday he was playing out back and I went to check on him - he was screaming. He turned around and there was blood all down his leg :( I got it cleaned up, and found a big scrape along with a big gash. It didn't bleed a lot, so again we avoided the ER. (Not to mention because of the picture frame incident, he is current on his tetanus shots!)

I am considering buying him a pillow suit for the remainder of his childhood... because this is just crazy. Boys will be boys...

His new nickname should be Tazmanian Devil or Daredevil. He is fearless...

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