Saturday, November 14, 2009


I was reading JT's blog from last year. It's pretty amazing how far he has come.

(Check out some of it: )

A year ago, he was aggressive. He would hit, throw (I got smacked in the face with a plate - he stood over me and threw it down on my face), chase Audrey down and beat on her...

I see none of that now. None. He gets angry at appropriate times (for a 3-4 year old). He does not hit Audrey, or us. He throws - but not at us. He is just throwing - not when he's angry.

We had to test for seizures a year ago, since he would just space out - the therapists thought he might be having blank stare (petit mal) seizures. None of that.

A year ago, two different therapists suggested the possibility that JT may have mental retardation (MR). No such suggestions now.

He would scream so loud and hard he would sweat, turn purple and even cause nosebleeds. Our GP was beginning to think we'd have to do some sort of sedatives.

He was just starting to say words last year. He had never used words before.

He destroyed everything. Tried to break it. Throwing, smashing, whatever it took. Now he plays with toys (usually appropriately ;) ).

He's happy, funny and interacts and loves us (and everyone else).

JT is changing so quickly. I look back and realize how far he has come, and it gives me so much hope for the future. He is so incredible :)

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