Tuesday, May 25, 2010

8 Years :)

The two of us while we were engaged: 2001.

Today is our 8 year anniversary!

We're spending it here at home, eating lasagna (our favorite!) and watching the Biggest Loser (finale!!!).

The Hubs has started the day off at the Urgent Care clinic with JT, who has croup with asthma AGAIN. Poor kiddo. We managed to get his breathing under control enough to get through the night (with The Hubs and I barely sleeping) - he was wheezing and barking. The Sudafed and Motrin did the trick. By this morning he was also running a fever, so to the doctor he goes.

Anyway, it's a wonderful, happy day - nothing like a few speed bumps in life to make it more interesting :P

Saturday, May 15, 2010


JT is (again? still?) making HUGE leaps and bounds.

Some cool stuff:
He's peeing in the potty every time we ask. Hello, potty training! I dreamed of this day...
Last night, we were asking him about body parts... 'where's your teeth? Where's your ear? Where's your _____?' He got all of them right!
Right after that, we played the people version. 'Where's mom?' (touched me, and said 'Mommy'). We also did Audrey (sissy) and daddy (dah-wee). Then, we said, 'Where's JT?' He took a second, then touched his belly and said, 'Gwammy!' First time he's ever said his name!!!
He's been following instructions... 'JT, go in the living room on the chest and get your shoes.' (hello, complicated!). So cool!

So much amazing stuff... I need to update this more often, because I can't remember it all when I'm not!