Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Parent Reader

Today was The Hubs's day to do Parent Reader in Audrey's class. He just goes in right after their lunch and reads books to the kids. He brings in the books - Audrey chooses them.

He loves it... the kids are hilarious, and Audrey is VERY proud of her daddy.

Side note... last time The Hubs went for lunch, a little boy hugged him and then (loudly) whispered to his friends, "I smelled him, and he smells GOOD". LOL!!!

Anyway, apparently Audrey is a little bossy when daddy is there. She made the kids vote on which book to read first, and then on each book that came next :P Not mean bossy, just bossy. He had to correct her a couple times (she wasn't the least bit embarrassed or upset by this). Diva alert!

JT stayed home with me today.. every once in a while they have a Wednesday off, and today was one of them. He has been the best little man today - giggly and snuggly and playing so well...

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