Wednesday, November 18, 2009

At least he knows...

Today JT was in the empty bathtub (his favorite time to pee - with his diaper off). I noticed he was acting like he was going to go, so I asked him if he wanted to pee pee on the potty.

Usually (at least in the past) he would have squeaked and squealed and jumped off the potty mad at me.

Today, he sat there, said "pee pee potty" several times, then after about 30 seconds, he got up.

No, he did not pee pee in the potty. But that's some progress, and I'll take it!!!

He also had a very fun day today... At home just him and mommy. It rained a lot of the day, so we played inside. We made pumpkin muffins - he put in (and cracked) the eggs, poured in the water and oil, and then poured in the mix. He spilled very little :) Then he helped me stir for a few minutes.

He wants nothing to do with the pumpkin muffins of course. Before we put it in the muffin pan, he said "yummmm... coo-key". Oops.

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