Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And We're Off!

To Nashville, that is!

The Hubs has been assigned to Cool Springs Galleria mall. We visited it this weekend - it's a beautiful store, and the manager there is great.

We think we found a house - The Hubs is there looking at it to be sure. It's not available until April 15, so the kids and I will be staying here until it's time to move, while The Hubs stays in corporate housing in Nashville.

Nashville is HUGE compared to Little Rock. We decided to stay away from the metropolis just because we didn't have the time to look for places in the city...

The house we think we're getting is in Leiper's Fork, Tennessee. Nice and small!

Friday, March 7, 2008

More Snow Pics!

Too bad it will be gone tomorrow... But for today... They're...

Snow babies!


It snowed here... And even though we got jipped last night (didn't stick because it was 35 degrees... Sheesh), it IS sticking now!!! Daddy came home early, and we all went out to play. Here are some pics of our snowy fun... We are going out to build a snowman later, so there will be more pics!

God's Whisper

God’s Whisper
~ A poem by Jeannie Castillo, for her son -- Jamie ~

When you came, I heard God whisper,
“Take care of this little one.
He’s one of my special spirits
Accept him as your son.

He may need some extra attention
Some added patience and some time
But he’ll grow into a beautiful person
With your love, he’ll be just fine.

You’ll see that he will surprise you
He’ll amaze you with his soul
He’ll bring you joy and endless wonder
In his way, he’ll make you whole.

For every smile will be a miracle
Each new step, a victory
His growth will be blessed and meaningful
His life is a gift from Me.

This angel is your reminder
Of what is pure and what is true
It’s not what the world says that matters
What matters is all up to you.

You are the one who will teach him
That he is perfect in My eyes
With Me, he can move mountains
He can do anything, he need only try.

For this child has a magnificent spirit
He was meant to do wonderful things
His life has a special mission
I will raise him on eagle’s wings

To soar high and live life fully
To sing and laugh and love
So you must raise him with warmth and tenderness,
With Me, you’ll have enough.

Now always remember this message,
Be brave and strong and true
Know that I am with you
Remember that I chose you.

I chose you for this mission.
This is your gift to Me.
Take care of him well and let him be loved,
For when you love him . . . you love Me.”