Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring break & progress.

We're nearing the end of our spring break, and we have had so much fun. Crafts like wave bottles, permanent sand sculptures, gel bottles and sand art. Daily visits to the gym (the kiddos love the child care!). Lunch with daddy.

Of course Audrey also had allergy testing - the one with individual shots (not the panel) - despite the pain, she survived 25 separate shots! JT saw his new doctor and is starting medication for ADHD.

Best of all, JT swallows pills now! The new medicine is only available in pill form, and can't be broken in any way. He said he would, and he did! Day 3 and he did it in one sip :)

He's way more talkative, he's got some new, big words - tonight he said something smelled 'horrible' (it was Audrey, and after we cracked up we convinced her he was messing around).

JT has suddenly become Mr. Social. In Target Friday he made everyone say hi to him. He would jump out and say, "Hey there!" - sometimes stepping in front of carts to ensure they responded. Then at Dillard's he followed up his 'Hey there' with "I gotta find my way outta here!" It was funny, but we have to help him make it more appropriate. Talking to strangers is not always okay.

Tonight he randomly asked me to cut his nails. And cut his hair. Both amazing.

Also, at another appointment, he asked to have his blood pressure taken. We have never been able to get him to do that!

I'm so excited for him to go back to school and see if his teachers notice his progress!

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