Friday, April 20, 2012

Awards and such.

Today The Hubs and I attended a "Right Moves Rally" at the kids' school. It was basically a big assembly where awards were given out to students for "right moves" - academics, attendance and citizenship.

Each teacher gave out 3 awards: Outstanding Reading, Outstanding Writing and Outstanding Math.

They split them into grades, so first up was 2nd grade, 3rd grade and the AU (autism) classes. While JT is based in the AU classroom, he is in the mainstream K class for assemblies and most of the day.

Audrey got the Outstanding Reading award, and got a citizenship award. She was all grins up on stage, and was so excited to see us.

While taking pictures of her in the entryway, we saw JT's class. His friend from the book fair saw us and was so excited to see us :)

JT was so happy to see us (he spotted us and exclaimed, "That's my mommy and daddy!"), but he stayed in line like he was supposed to. His (mainstream) teacher told us we should stick around (we were anyway) because "JT is actually getting an award."

We went back to our seats, and the K and 1st grade students filed in for their assembly.

JT had a citizenship ribbon, so we figured that was his award.

When they started calling up the Outstanding students for his teacher's class, guess who was first?

JT got the Outstanding Math award for his mainstream K class!!!

It was so amazing to watch our little man get an academic award.

The absolutely beautiful part of it all was watching how his classmates took care of him. I saw at least 5 different students helping JT. Helping him to his seat, tapping him when he should stand, whispering to him when it was his turn, and giving him a hand to get up and walking him to his spot in line. They all seemed to truly like JT and to really want to help him. It was so precious to me.

Score 1 for both our babies today. SUPER proud parent of two award-winners!!!

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