Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our autism.

Today kicks of Autism Awareness Month...

So today, I'll talk about 'our' autism.

Our autism is a funny little boy. He is ever-moving, dashing by in a flash on his tiptoes, humming his happy autism noise.

He is loud, but scared of loud noises. He hates the vacuum, requiring us to take him outside, for a ride, anywhere but here when we use one.

He is a very selective eater. At times, he is down to very few foods he will eat. At one time about a year ago, he was eating only popcorn, and I was giving him whole chocolate milk laced with infant vitamins.

Once a hater of all things requiring a pencil and paper, he loves to draw, write, color. He brings home the funniest drawings from school every week. And the sweetest. Last week he brought home a picture of me and him together. It melted my heart.

He is kind. He loves to tell us how 'good' we are, that he loves us. He loves to give random, unexpected kisses on arms, legs, cheeks... anywhere but the mouth.

He loves to script. I often know exactly how his day went by listening to a play by play recording from the backseat. I hear many Phineas and Ferb episodes (complete with "There you are, Perry!").

He loves old school cartoons. Inspector Gadget. Woody the Woodpecker. He also loves Wild Kratts and other nature shows.

Legos are his deal. Especially Lego figurines. He has at least 50, and can tell you if a single one is missing.

Our JT is good at math. At science. He is learning (quickly) how to read - he loves words. He doesn't understand social norms and how to make friends. And he wants them.

His favorite color is usually yellow. Sometimes red. His favorite food is cheetos. And brownies (hello, typical kid things).

Our autism sometimes causes a scene. Squeaking angrily at a checkout line that is a bit too long for him to handle. Screeching at the thought of having to do something that doesn't fit in the plan in his mind. Having to do one more thing when he is (and uses sign language to remind us) "All done."

He loves the mall. He hates brushing his hair. He likes baths, but doesn't like water on his head.

He loves his sister more than anything.

He is our world.

Every child with autism is different. So, when you think about autism, remember that every story is different. But remember that these children - these 1 in 88 - these children are someone's world, just like our JT is.

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