Sunday, April 29, 2012

Not working.

JT has been on Strattera for ADHD (technically not a separate diagnosis, just part of autism) for roughly 3 weeks.

Unlike the risperdal, this medication has not been a life-changer.

In fact, teachers haven't seen any difference.

And we've seen some side effects that are concerning (now that he's off of it for a few days, those have disappeared, thankfully).

This means we go a step up in the medication of ADHD world, otherwise known as stimulants.

So we'll have a cardiology appointment for JT, complete with EKG and echo to make sure he didn't inherit my murmur or arrhythmia (both which would make it dangerous for him to be on a stimulant).

I know he needs it. I know that is the only thing holding him back. He needs to be able to focus to learn.

We do what we have to do to make sure JT fulfills his potential. And we trust his doctor. That itself makes the decision to move forward easy to make.

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