Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rewarding kindness.

JT's class has been nothing short of extraordinary this year. Those little ones have helped him without being asked to, going out of their way to make sure my baby is okay. I wrote about them after I saw first hand how precious they were.

I am a big fan of positive reinforcement. Otherwise known as rewarding good.

So I want to thank these kids for their kindness. Encourage them to be kind in the future.

I've decided I want to send home thank you's to the parents, telling them how awesome their kids are and what good people they are. I also want to send in cupcakes or another treat as a direct thank you to the kiddos.

Also, two days ago, Audrey asked me if she could wear JT's Special Olympics t-shirt to school. Confused, I asked her why she'd want to wear his shirt. Her response? "Because, mom, it shows JT has autism, and I want people to know I appreciate that people appreciate my brother."

It appears Audrey wants to encourage kindness as well. Such a sweetheart.

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