Thursday, March 10, 2011

Strange realization.

Friday night, right before JT got really sick, he was throwing the most EPIC tantrum I have seen since he was... 2? Maybe? I haven't seen him scream and kick seats and just be downright inconsolable and angry in so long that it was a shock (not to mention the fear and panic that set in when I started thinking "what if?" - what if this is going to happen again? What if the progress was an illusion?).

We had to pick The Hubs up at work, and then drive back home. It was about 40 minutes in the car.

Almost home, we finally heaved a heavy sigh and gave up on trying to talk him down. He was too far gone.

After a few minutes, The Hubs looked at me and said, "this is just so sad. You can just hear how his little mind works, too many things going on at one time, just bombarding him." And it was. He was screaming about everything - go home, hungry, tummy boo boo, move, go, go car, get away, leave me alone, no seat belt... Thrashing and bucking (almost like he was trying to get away from his own thoughts). It was like trying to keep up with twenty conversations at once.

When we got home, he did calm down (and within 30 minutes, had started the vomiting).

But that five minutes of just *listening* really makes you understand how hard it must be to be JT.

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