Monday, March 7, 2011

Flu Day 3

JT is feeling a little better... back to talking, rather than just whimpering on the floor in the living room. He's eating a little, and back to drinking his regular amounts... yay. No more vomiting, either. Phew.

Unfortunately, fever is still high. We hit 101 or higher as soon as the tylenol/motrin wears off.

He pretty much didn't move at all yesterday from the spot he chose in the living room, wrapped up in blankets. He slept off and on all day. He was out by 6pm, we just carried him upstairs. Aside from waking up (and getting more fever reducers) a few times during the night for 2 minutes, he slept until 7am.

Hopefully he'll keep improving. Pitiful JT makes us all very sad around here. He's usually our little goofball.

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