Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SO cute!

JT loves the SpongeBob Marble iPad game.

You have to guide the marbles to the exits, and you use this red paint to direct them.

It's not easy to use the allotted paint and get all the marbles to the exits without them going off the screen or into 'goo' (both 'pop' the SpongeBob marbles, and you lose the level).

JT was playing the game, it was close to bed time, he wanted to do it himself. He was frustrated.

We were getting his drink and bed ready, and all of a sudden JT comes running up...

"MOMMY!!! I DID IT!!!"

SO proud of himself. And SO excited about it and showing me what he'd done!

It was awesome. And amazing. The winning and the excitement to show me :)

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