Saturday, March 5, 2011

Funniest. Thing. EVER.

I usually just go about my business and leave the doors/window open and listen to them (the backyard is very secured - privacy fence with locks and hook and eye locks about 6' up so they can't get out).

JT apparently has been throwing balls over the fence into the neighbor's backyard.

Anyway, JT was humming around out there and I happened to walk to the back door just to say 'hey' when I heard our neighbor over the fence (just the rustling noises, not talking)... I noticed JT's eyes were HUGE and he was staring at the fence.

I looked up there, and right above the 7' privacy fence top was a soccer ball, hovering. As soon as it dropped, a giant medicine ball floated up and hovered, then dropped. Because the lady is short, you could never see a hand, it really looked like the balls floated up and dropped back over.

He was frozen for a few seconds, then took off like a bat out of hell into the house. He insists there is 'a monster' out there.

I'm willing to bet he won't be throwing any more balls over the fence, or at least won't be doing it for a loooong time.

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