Thursday, March 10, 2011

Opposites and Funny

JT's FAVORITE thing right now is opposites. In any situation, he loves to tell us the opposite of what the correct answer is. If it's yes, he says no; up is down; boy is girl (which really irritates his sister, serving a dual purpose, haha); wrong is right; emotions are screwy (oh he's so happy when obviously he's mad...)... He LOVES to trick us. He waits until we don't catch him, giggles hysterically and says, "THAT'S NOT RIGHT!"

In other news, our son has now figured out where both Papa John's and McDonald's are. For the record, these are his favorite places to eat, and he gets them once every week or two... When we go pick The Hubs up, he's started asking for 'pizza' and telling us 'go that way' when we get close. Last night was the funniest - we passed McDonald's, and JT suddenly yells out from the back seat, "HELLO, FRENCH FRY!!!"

He is finally feeling better, and is losing the irritability that came with this (who ISN'T irritable when they don't feel good?). He's been helping with puzzles, reading books and collecting crayons (the coloring thing did not work out in my favor. SpongeBob coloring book is untouched, but all 24 crayons have a special place in JT's heart and hands right now).

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