Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's the little things...

You know what I wish for?

Bet it's not what you're thinking of!

I wish...

:I could use my vacuum cleaner without my son having an outright panic attack complete with insanely rapid heart rate, running to plaster himself against the back fence in terror and screaming for hours. In other words, I wish I could vacuum while my kid is here.
:I wish I could use my mixer to mix while my son is home. See the above example for his response to turning it on.
:I wish haircuts didn't involve the fear of CPS being called on us for the insane amount of screaming (which, in all fairness, is truly fear, not a fit). Even scissors elicit this response. A necessary life activity that I have to hold down my terrified son to do.
:I wish my husband could use his beard trimmers in the mornings without the screaming and terror that my son experiences if he happens to be snuggling in bed with me.

I wish Sensory Processing Disorder (which goes along with autism) wasn't so darn hard. I wish there was a way to make my son understand his fears aren't rational. But they are to him.

So, for now, I can't use my vacuum or mixer while he's home, I pin him down so he can look decent, and deal with the disappointment of a snuggle cut short because my husband's beard needs to be trimmed.

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