Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Case of the Missing Tooth

Audrey lost her first tooth!

In true Audrey-fashion, there was drama involved.

She was wiggling it at school... and then pulled and was shocked it came out.

She put the tooth on her tongue (why???) and promptly swallowed it!

Apparently she freaked out and two of her best friends took her to the bathroom and helped her swish her mouth out (it was bleeding) and assure her she would be fine with a swallowed tooth.

She doesn't believe in the tooth fairy (*sigh*, when your kid is too smart for you it's not much fun... haha), so she came home ready to negotiate a price for her tooth. Her beginning offer was $1000 for the tooth, and I'm happy to say we did talk her down a bit ;)

She's got another tooth about to come out (the other bottom tooth) and her top two are now getting pretty loose.

She's convinced she gets more for her 'silver' teeth. Oh boy!

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