Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh dear.

We attempted a hair cut tonight. We were successful in cutting hair off.

Too successful.

JT bucked and knocked the clipper guard off. So his hair went from 3/4 in to no guard (ie bald).

He was really upset about it. He spent a good ten minutes after standing in front of the mirror wailing dramatically, "MY HAIR! MY HAIR ALL GONE! MOMMY MEAN! WHERE MY HAAAAIIIIRRRR????" etc, etc. It was very, very sad. He got in the bath, and would stand up every few minutes and begin wailing again.

Finally I explained to him that JT's hair grows. He seems to understand this, and has told his daddy, and stopped wailing and crying.

A little while ago, I walked in the bathroom to find JT making all kinds of faces looking at himself in the mirror :) I quickly walked away before he caught me, but he spent a good 5 or so minutes in there just looking at himself.

Then he ran out excitedly screaming, "TWO EARS!!! JT HAVE TWO EARS!" (Maybe we waited too long between hair cuts?).

Fingers crossed it grows fast.

Poor bald baby.

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