Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sick day.

Last night JT was really sick, so today was a sick day at home.

Let's just say little man is doing much, much better. While he spent the morning wrapped up in blankets on the couch, by the afternoon he was painting, coloring with markers, fighting with his sister (who he shared the 'poopy cold' as she called it with), singing SpongeBob songs, taking a really long super bubbly bath and playing in the sandbox.

Boo to stomach viruses, but hooray this one was short lived!

I'll be glad when he goes back to school... he insists I'm a 'mean mommy' every time I turn off SpongeBob or make him do anything he doesn't want to do. I think he misses it, too... After he got out of the tub, he ran (still bubbly) and wiggled into his backpack. "School time!" he said... Um, no.

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