Sunday, February 27, 2011


JT found a friend today at the park.

He has a certain slide he LOVES. He climbs up, slides down. Pretty much over and over, the whole time. He takes breaks to find Audrey, go play elsewhere, but he comes back to the twirly slide.

Today there was another family there. There were 3 kids - two older boys (I would guess 8 and 10 maybe?) and a little girl - about 1.5. They were playing on the slide, too.

I was afraid JT would get upset, be too rough... but no. He happily shared his slide, and he thought the little girl was SO cute. He'd get up and move every time she came down the slide so she could get off easily.

After about ten minutes, the family started walking to the other end of the park (they must live close). JT was SO sad. Somehow, he knew the little girl's name was Allie!

It was *adorable* and so sweet and sad. He kept yelling, "Hello, Allie, not goodbye" and "Play all day Allie" and "AAAAAALLLLLLLIIIIIEEEE" as they were walking across the field.

So precious.

He must have a thing for younger blonde girls. His other 'love' is Abby (another "a" name), Audrey's boyfriend's little (3yo) sister. We drive past their house every day, and he chants "Abby, Abby" over and over the entire time.

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