Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sweet Honey

JT has been very sweet and polite lately, which is a big 'thankful for' around here.

'Please' and 'Thank you' are getting to be normal phrases.

Today JT did something especially sweet that made my day/week/year/life. :)

We got home from school, and JT was in the car dawdling. He usually does this, it's no big deal. I kept asking him, "JT, please get out. Let's go inside!" And then he replied, "Honey. I honey." When I asked, "Honey, can we please go inside?" he smiled and hopped out of the car. Super cute.

I was struggling with two big shopping bags, a plastic container and a drink, and asked JT to close the car door. He noticed my bags, and closed the door and ran ahead.

He opened the door leading from the garage to the back deck, and waited for me. When I turned around to close the door, he closed it for me, grinning proudly. I made sure to thank him a ton.

Then he ran across the deck and opened the screen door and the back door, and stepped back and held the screen door open for me. Again, I was SO excited and thanked him a whole lot :) He closed the door behind me, beaming with pride.

Usually JT flies into the house to take off his pants and socks and shoes and watch his shows. It was really, really sweet for him to wait for me.

He really does have a heart of gold.

And he's still insisting that I call him 'honey'. He's definitely living up to the sweetness of the name!

(In other news, he ate McD's tonight - the fries and the chicken! Super excited about his slowly expanding back to where it was food choices!).

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