Sunday, February 13, 2011

Playground drama...

Perhaps I should do this in Llama Llama style.

Baby Llama took a toy
To the park to play
Mama Llama said 'let's share'
And took the toy away.

Baby Llama screamed and cried
He even tried to bite
Mama Llama felt so bad
That she even tried.

Daddy Llama (hey, he's new) got the toy
And fixed the Baby Llama
Mama Llama shook her head
At all the Llama drama.


Yes, we went to play at the playground. JT took a toy truck. He was all stressed out, didn't want to go anywhere and it's how we got him to go out the door without freaking out. He was just holding it... the kid at the playground kept asking for it, so I tried to facilitate (LOL) a sharing opportunity. FAIL. JT freaked out. The kid's mom was glaring at me (both before and after he shared) and talked on her cell phone the entire time. NICE.

JT was playing appropriately and making good eye contact (playing chase and taking turns!) up until Mama Llama jacked it up.

Lesson learned: just tell the other kid it's his favorite toy and he can't share it.

Too bad lessons are learned the hard way around here!!!

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