Sunday, December 26, 2010

Still. Sick.

JT is currently sleeping... he was up from 2:15 this morning until about 30 minutes ago, so it's actually a good thing he's taking a nap.

Poor little man's fever went nuts on Christmas Day. It took *forever* to get it under 102... it slowly went down after taking both ibuprofen and tylenol - but it took a good hour to get to the 101's, and another hour to get down to the 100's. No lower.

He was running a fever until he was due for his next dose around noon... and nothing. He actually felt cold. Took his temp, perfect.

Coughing a little more, but I'm hoping that he's still following in his sister's footsteps. She's much improved today.. first real day of improvement.

At this rate, we might be healthy by the time he goes back to school... and pray really, really hard that we avoid any and all other cr@p this season!

I'll post some pics of JT's toys in just a bit... despite the fever, he was super cute and had a really good Christmas :)

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