Friday, December 24, 2010

Sick... AGAIN.

Audrey went to school Monday... I heard a little girl hacking like crazy, and was SO relieved she went into another class. However, it appears Audrey caught the nasty, nasty bug.


He had less than 24 hours of no coughing.

This one isn't a bark, it's a hack. Non-productive. Accompanied by fever this time.


It appears this is a variant of the flu. We didn't get our flu shot this year because SO many kids I know personally had side effects (there were actually a few who were sick with a high fever for a few days... just like the flu. We didn't want a reaction that was exactly like the flu...).

So, back at freaking square one. Coughing. Only this time, the added bonus of a fever. He's 3 days behind Audrey, and today she's hanging around 101 before it's time to get another dose of fever reducer.


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