Sunday, December 12, 2010

Getting over croup...

JT got croup this past week... which ended up going on longer than expected, since a real gem of a doctor refused to treat JT because he wouldn't 'just behave' (hello, autism anyone???).

So, we got the one-dose steroid finally on Wednesday (the first attempt at the urgent care was Sunday), but now the cough is taking longer to fade. Each day is better than the one before, and it's almost gone... thankfully.

JT and I had a great time at home, even if he was coughy and barky. I got lots of snuggles, and giggles, and he wanted me around all the time. I even got to sleep with him in his bed, snuggled up one night. First time ever :) Would've been more awesome under other circumstances, but it was sweet anyway. He tucked me in and told me 'night night' before we both fell asleep. Such a sweetheart.

He managed to work himself up one night to the point he vomited all over his comforter. He was so sad, and said "I so sick" in the most pitiful voice ever. It's the first time he's told us that, acknowledged he didn't feel well.

Our second trip to the doctor wasn't much better, but the new clinic was much more understanding, and caring. While he was screaming 'stop', 'time to go', 'lets go in blue car', etc, he did manage to say 'thank you' to the doctor when prompted.

We did have a few days where he brought an extra comforter to his bed, and told me 'time to go to bed, mommy! Come on, night night time!' - which was pretty funny. He told The Hubs that 'mommy sleep in JT bed'.

Anyway, hooray for recovery, boo for doctors who don't understand how 'autism' would make it impossible for a kid to 'just behave'.

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