Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Everybody at home."

JT loves going to school (once he's there especially!).

So... during break, he wants to "Go to school" almost every day. This time, it's compounded by the days he's had to be off to get rid of the nasty cough virus that is *finally* fading (I am knocking on wood frantically at that).

I've had to explain to JT that no one is at school. I tell him "JT, school is closed. Everybody's at home. Miss Michele is at home. Miss Lisa is at home. Miss Kay is at home..." and on and on going through everyone in his class.

JT just came up to me and said, "Mommy, everybody at home. Miss Michele at home. Miss Lisa at home. Miss Kay at home. Timmy at home..." and so on, even through his classmates from last year.

Then he smiled and said, "And JT at home. Sissy at home. Mommy at home."

He was very proud. And I'm super thankful he finally understands that his teachers and classmates don't actually live at school. This will make breaks and weekends MUCH easier!

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