Monday, December 20, 2010

Go away, croup

I am so tired of this croup that is plaguing JT. We are going on 2.5 weeks now.

So far it's been 2 trips to Urgent Care (3 counting the one where the dr refused to treat him because he couldn't behave... because he has autism... nice). 1 dose of dextamethasone. Now on prednisolone. (Both of those are steroids). Lots of coughing to the point of puking, sleeping on JT's floor and mommy not sleeping because of the coughing baby. 6 days of missed school.

Audrey was super cough-y from Friday until last night... not sure if she's getting better, fingers crossed.

Croup is no longer welcome in our home.

Stay away from my babies, sick!

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