Wednesday, December 1, 2010

JT's birthday.

Today, JT turns 5 years old.


It seems so surreal.

I have a billion things racing through my mind. Our journey here, his life in polaroids playing through my mind...

But what it really comes down to, is that I am thankful.

Some people say that their child having autism gave them a voice. But it's more than that. JT didn't just give me my voice, he has given me the confidence to use that voice.

JT has shown me what living passionately is all about. I now know what it means to live with a purpose, and it's only because of him. Those that say autistic children are lost have not met JT. Not only is JT not lost, but he helped me find myself.

JT has taught me to slow down and enjoy the little things. Many would say 'stop and smell the roses', but we stop and analyze the acorn :) I see things in a different way, I live rather than racing to the next big thing.

I'll admit, the whole 'autism' thing takes me out of my comfort zone a lot. But it has taught me that I can handle anything.

JT has, in his 5 years, changed my life, in a way that it would have never changed before. Some people live their whole life and don't make a difference. In 5 years, he has changed the world for me, for our family, and for many who have met him.

JT is a special kid. He proves that you should never, ever give up hope. That love is more than just a word we say, but something we demonstrate (although him saying it is SO awesome and warms my heart every single time).

JT, I am so proud, and so very blessed to be your mommy. 5 years ago I was given a gift that I could have never guessed would be so wonderful.

Thank you, little man, for just being you. You are so very perfect, and I love you.

From The Duzan Family

From The Duzan Family

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