Monday, May 2, 2011

Zoo Time!

We went to the NC Zoo yesterday in Asheboro.

We all had SO much fun - it's a beautiful zoo, the animals have tons of space, and it wasn't too hot or busy that it was uncomfortable.

Some funnies and cool stuff:
JT caught a giant black ant. He named it 'my ant' (haha!!!) and carried it around all day. He eventually killed it (not on purpose), and was pretty sad 'mine ant dead'. He keeps telling us 'Ant at home, byebye mine ant.' and other funny things.

While looking at a lemur exhibit, JT found frogs. He was crouched on a bridge looking down on the other side, and started saying frogs and ribbit. It was really funny, he attracted a giant crowd of kids who apparently also felt that frogs were way cooler than ring-tailed lemurs!

He picked out a hat in the gift shop - as in, had to have it - and put it on the counter to pay when we were leaving. It was really cool to see him get that we had to pay, he would get it back, and then he could have it.

Also, about 1/3 of the way down, there's a pic of JT standing in front of a plexiglass money donation stand. He was saying "MY MONEY" and "Mr. Krabs' money" and then just "Money money money!!!" The kids coming in were cracking up!

A little after that, there's a pic of JT and Audrey climbing on one of those silver binocular pay-to-view things... JT was convinced that it was a robot. The eyeholes do look like eyes, and the center flat part looked like a nose. Too funny...

Here are a ton of pics... Check out the ones of JT with his ant (his hands clasped). He is one happy kid with his friend 'My ant' :)

Picasa pics: NC Zoo 5/1/11.

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