Monday, May 30, 2011

Diaper funny!

Yesterday we stopped at the grocery store to buy a few things. JT hates the checkout line, so we usually either head out to the car, or browse the aisles while daddy and Audrey are paying.

This time JT chose to go down the aisles... and he had a particular one in mind. I was just following, when I realized where he was going.

Suddenly we're standing in front of a wall of diapers.

"Look! It's MY diapers!" JT said.

"Nope, you don't wear diapers. You wear underwear!"

"Nope. It's JTmy's diapers! See?" (pointing to a brand we had bought at one point).

I had to lead him away from his old friends, it was like a long farewell between them. No issues leaving (thank God), but since then he's been toying with the diaper idea... after getting out of the tub he informed me, "Need diapie shirt." When I reminded him we wear underwear, he said, "Nope. Wear diapie!" Then he told me mommy, daddy and sissy wear diapies, too (shhhh, don't tell Audrey, she would be FURIOUS that he would say such a thing ;) ).

Good thing he knows it's just a joke. No way another diaper is coming into this house unless it's on another kiddo's bottom!

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