Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy tears.

A few weeks ago, Audrey's teacher sent me an email, closing with, "I hope to see you at our End of Year Celebration! The kids are so excited about presenting their projects."

I thought about last year, The Hubs videoing Audrey's K graduation because I had to pick up JT and stay at home with him. There was no way he would have remotely behaved there. In fact, every 'celebration' of Audrey's we had to alternate last year so that one of us could go and one could be with JT.

Then I realized, this year is different. JT is doing a lot that he couldn't last year. We can go places, and he's fine.

I decided this year, he would go.

Fast forward to yesterday.

Audrey: Mom, we're working on a big project at school.
Me: Really? Your project for the end of year celebration?
Audrey: Yep. It's all about the most special person to us.
Me: That's a pretty cool project...
Audrey: Guess who I chose?
Me: Who?
Audrey: I chose JTmy. It's all about him.

Of course, I was so excited - what an amazingly sweet moment... She loves, loves, loves her brother.

Then I got to tell her JT gets to come this year to her celebration. She was unbelievably happy. She's excited to present her special person project, to show him off to her friends, she's excited just because he gets to be there.

This qualifies as one of the most special moments in my life. My son can finally attend his sister's ceremony, and how fitting that her presentation was in his honor.

As far as the day of, The Hubs will have the camera, and I will be sobbing into tissues. But instead of crying because we missed another event, this time, I can cry happy tears.

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