Monday, May 9, 2011

What an IEP does (and doesn't).

Today we had JT's transition to Kindergarten IEP. It was long, I spent a lot of time preparing for it... and it's done. In my opinion, it is a very good IEP - his team knows him VERY well, and it really reflects that.

Yet I still have to stay on my toes.

I think many times, people unfamiliar with IEP's or special education assume that a good IEP means JT will automatically be set in school. He'll do great, the end. But that's not true at all.

A good IEP does not guarantee success. It provides him with the supports to do his best.

A good IEP does guarantee that pass or fail, JT will do it himself. He will, however, not fail because I didn't prepare for the IEP. He will not fail because of a teacher who is a poor fit. He will not fail because of anything but lack of ability on his part.

The same as any other kid, I just want him to do their best. Sink or swim, I will be proud. But I want it to be him - not anyone else.

So before he sets foot in a classroom, I know he will have that chance.

A good IEP requires work. If you're lucky like I was, it doesn't take much fight - but we're willing to do that, too. You have to prepare regardless.

I believe my son WILL succeed. I believe he's going to do great things. And his IEP will make sure he has the best chance to do it.

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