Wednesday, February 17, 2010


After falling twice in the past month, I have screwed up my ankle enough to necessitate surgery.

*This is really a re-injury - remember I hurt my ankle back in June of 2008 and went through physical therapy in August... I was recommended for surgery after that didn't work, but my appendectomy, hysterectomy and neurosurgery pushed that to the back burner. I thought it would be fine... but I was wrong :(

Anyway, March 3rd is my surgery date. 6 weeks cast, 6 weeks boot. He said I could start running in 3 months (JUNE! Let the countdown begin!). Arthroscopic ankle surgery.

Basically, my lateral (outside) ankle ligaments are stretched really far out, holding nothing in (tendons, etc). I partially tore 2 tendons (flexor hallucis longus and peroneous longus) and have inflammation in the sheath of the flexor hallucis. He thinks there's cartilage issues.

Timing works out well - PT will last 3 months, so the last of it will be right before school is out in June!

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