Friday, February 19, 2010

Back on Track...

Cool stuff in the last few days!

Telling a story with manipulatives.
Following instructions with only a little coaxing/intervention.
Playing with a friend in PE.

Talking a ton.
Pointed to what he wanted on a shelf in the pantry when I walked in the kitchen (it was really high up).
Using his words to tell us before he gets angry/physical (will say 'go away' or 'leave' before pushing us out - haha).

Other than that, his aggression has calmed considerably. He still has some moments - mostly throwing now - but not like it was after the steroids. Must have been side effects (yay that they're gone, and now we know what to expect if and when we take them again so I don't freak out thinking it's some sort of behavior regression!).

Doing great :) More words, more communicating, more interaction. Hooray!

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