Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rough Weekend

Thursday last week, Audrey's random coughing turning into full-blown croup with fever. So, when JT started coughing started Friday morning (even with no fever), I knew what was coming.

No, I didn't.

Saturday morning I called The Hubs and told him he had to get home immediately. JT was having huge problems breathing. He was struggling with every breath, gagging when he coughed and a few times, could not catch his breath. I won't ever forget him looking at me, terrified, unable to catch his breath. Had it lasted more than a few seconds, 911 would have been notified. Horrifying. I noticed another familiar rattle in his chest, and pulled out my inhaler and the special mask that the kids used forever ago, and gave him some albulterol. I got Tylenol Cold/Cough in him. The Hubs got home and took him to urgent care.

JT has severe croup... and asthma. Not really sure what this means, but I do know that this has been on of, if not the most scary weekend of my life. Horrible.

He hasn't run a fever yet today, and seems to be okay. He's on a really high dose of steroids - they seemed to kick in within an hour or so of taking them - thank God.

Fingers crossed he keeps improving. There was a window last night where he got worse, and we were worried we would have to go to the ER.

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