Saturday, February 27, 2010

Knock Knock Jokes

JT has been talking so much.. the funniest thing came this morning.

Audrey is *obsessed* with telling knock-knock jokes. The kind that 5 year olds make up that make absolutely no sense (as in, knock-knock, who's there, banana, banana who, banana booty on your head). It drives me nuts.

Here's the funny:

Audrey: Knock knock.

*Silence* (I refuse to participate until guilted into one).

JT: Knock knock.

Audrey: No, JT, you say 'who's there'.

JT: *giggles* Knock knock.

(repeat entire conversation for 5 minutes - the more Audrey tried to tell him NO - the more he giggled and repeated knock knock!). Hilarious!

Other cool stuff:

We were using the wooden blocks to build, and JT said "ca-wah" (castle) and "twah" (tower).

He brought me his cup this morning and said "wah juice" (want juice).

We are still knee-deep in the 'mine' phase. That's constant. As well as 'get back', 'byebye' (when he wants someone to go away), 'no' and 'leave'. He combined them last night to say to Audrey 'byebye get back'. Haha!

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