Thursday, August 2, 2012

Casts, food, and progress!

This has been a great week at the Duzan house!

Quick rundown:

  • Audrey got her cast off! She is super excited.
  • JT ate well this week. He had chicken nuggets (the freezer kind), which he hasn't eaten in a while. He had hot dogs. He even ate 3 bites of a grilled cheese - this is HUGE. He even said he likes grilled cheese today. He hasn't eaten a grilled cheese since we tried the GFCF diet and he responded by going from the worlds best eater to the dilemma that continues. HUGE. And today... a freaking cheeseburger. He was EXCITED TO EAT A CHEESEBURGER! Again he only ate 3 bites, but he liked it!
  • I was able to negotiate those 3 bites without using a reinforcer or bribery (ahem... Positive reinforcement). He did it willingly!
  • I was able to vacuum without a huge freak out, also by negotiation. I asked him beforehand this time, and he wanted the door shut to the room I was vacuuming. I am really happy about this one!
  • JT is subtracting... In his head... Up to 20 correctly (and further up its just that he messes up his tens!). He just came in my room and was like, "10 take away 3 equals 7. 8 take away 2 equals 6." I thought maybe he had just memorized those 2 problems, but nope... He stops and thinks for about 3 seconds (so cute) and gives the answer. Way cool!
  • JT is attempting to spell things. All summer he's been asking us 'How you spell _____?' Now he will start spelling it on his own. A HUGE start to the whole 'he needs to learn to read' thing!
  • I'm not sure how to explain this, but JT is conversating better and better as the summer goes by. His speech (the /f/ in particular) is getting way better, too.

Just a little over 3 weeks until school starts. Craziness!

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