Thursday, July 26, 2012

Life besides autism.

The Hubs and the kids creeking for gems at Emerald Hollow Mine today.

I hardly ever post about how everything is going in general around here, so here's our latest update.

  • Audrey is worried about TD still, she's really getting nervous about starting school. She's made some friends this summer... although she's been pretty bummed she hasn't been able to play with them in the pool because of her cast. Luckily she's getting the cast removed a week from today! She's reading books constantly, from Dork Diaries to Diary of a Wimpy Kid to the Hollisters. She's had her first HUGE crush this summer (which The Hubs was not happy about ;) ) and then decided he wasn't worth it within a day (which The Hubs was REALLY happy about). She's such a sweet girl, and growing up way too fast. 
  • The Hubs's store is doing really well... sort of the norm :) He has such awesome people that work at his store, that makes his job easier I know. He took this week off work, it's nice having family time hanging out around here. 
  • JT's not sure whether he likes these 2 weeks' off camp or not. He LOVES sleeping in (he is definitely my child) but misses Susan and Jessica (his teachers). He's freaking hilarious, he keeps our entire family rolling. He is a real comedian, his personality is awesome. 
  • I'm loving my job... hilarious preschoolers, awesome coworkers... what could be better?! Grad school starts in about 3 weeks, super nervous about that. Found an awesome workout buddy, we've been swimming/running/spinning starting to train for a triathlon next Spring and hopefully a 1/2 marathon sometime in the future. 

Basically... Life is good :)

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